The platform is designed to enable you to print coupons using popular operating systems, by downloading the Secure Print@Home application.

When you first attempt to print a coupon the system will tell you whether or not you need to download the Secure Print@Home application to print a particular coupon.

The Secure Print@Home application is coupon printing software to deliver a safe, secure coupon printing experience to you. It helps maintain the security and anti-fraud measures needed to print coupons over the internet.

You will need to install a secure application on your desktop or laptop. Installing is an easy one-time process.

If you have never used our Secure Print@Home application before, you will be asked if you would like to download it first.

Before you begin printing your coupons, please check that you are using one of the following operating systems and browsers:

Operating system:

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher


  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Firefox, updated version
  • Chrome, updated version
  • Safari 7 or higher

You will need to have already installed Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.0 in order to be able to run the secure Print@Home software. To check, open "control panel", then open "add/remove programs". If Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 or higher is not installed, or if you have an earlier version of NET (eg 3.5 or 2.0) you can either download and install this program from the Microsoft website, or you will be prompted to install it before you can install the secure Print@Home software.

Please note that printing from a mobile device (smartphones, tablets) is not presently supported. We recommend you print from a laptop or desktop computer using a physical printer.

Make sure that your physical printer is connected and has paper and ink or toner. PDF printers or other file formats are not compatible.

The coupons are designed to be printed at home, which does require you to have access to a printer in order to access the offers..

Our secure print platform sends the coupons directly to your printer and prevents them from being displayed on the screen or saved as a PDF (or other file format.) This is a key security feature of our coupons and ensures they may not be tampered with or altered in any way.

Please check that your default printer is switched on and has paper and ink or toner.

If you have access to multiple printers, please check that your default printer is configured correctly. To do this:

Click start> control panel> printers +faxes (you will be able to see a list of your printers.) Right click on the printer you wish to use and select "set as default printer".

Yes, retailers will accept Print@Home coupons printed in colour or black and white. Please use recycled paper where possible to help protect the environment.

All coupons have an expiry date clearly printed on them. Don't forget to use your coupons before they expire!

This is not currently available as many retailers are unable to redeem coupons from mobile devices. You will need to print your coupons and take them to your chosen retailer. In general, mobile phones and tablets are not connected to printers, so you will not be able to print your coupons from these devices. You will need to connect from a computer to print your coupons.

Brands set limits for coupon printing to control and keep track of the number of coupons distributed. This enables them to regulate the number of coupons in circulation to ensure availability to consumers and as a security measure to prevent misuse.

Generally you will not be able to print a coupon more than once. If you exceed the print limit of a coupon, the system will notify you and that particular coupon will not be printed.

Each coupon is unique, is personalised to the individual consumer and can be tracked. The alteration, sale or photocopying of coupons distributed by Valassis will be detected. Such action is considered a breach of the terms and conditions of the promotion and may lead to the consumer being prevented from printing coupons distributed by Valassis in the future.

Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash, nor may they be sold, exchanged or replaced. They may only be used in retailers as part payment in the purchase of the product indicated in the promotion.

Coupons are accepted at all major multiple supermarkets and many independent retailers in the UK. The retailer reserves the right not to accept coupons. Some coupons can only be used in specific retailers and where this is the case, it will be highlighted on the coupon.